Welcome to ISYC!

(The ISYC Open House)


Last Saturday, July 1, ISYC welcomed the parents into the classrooms during the ISYC Open House. Each parent had the chance to go inside their child’s classroom and listen to the lead and assistant teachers as they discussed the various routines, activities and typical day events of the class. They also got to meet the parents of their child’s classmates, and to learn more about the different classroom centers, decorations and classroom materials that their child enjoys. Through this event, the parent-teacher relationship is forged and strengthened for the school year ahead.

In addition to visiting their child’s classrooms, the Kindergarten parents also convened at the ISYC Multi-Purpose Hall to listen to a talk by Teacher Michelle about Traditional and Non-Traditional schools. Since one of the thrusts of the Kindergarten level is Big School preparation, this portion of the Open House had the goal of equipping the parents with information that will help them select the best big school options for their child.

The ISYC Open House was a wonderful success, and kudos to all the parents who took time off their very busy schedules to attend this event. It is a joy to see the parents visit ISYC, the school that their child considers their home away from home.