Back to School 

The day that students, parents and teachers have long been waiting for has arrived – the first day of classes in ISYC, school year 2017 to 2018!

Last Monday, June 19, was the start of classes for the Senior Nursery and the Kindergarten students, while last Tuesday, June 20, was the start of classes for the Toddlers and Junior Nursery students. It was such a wonderful sight to see happy and excited children go to their classrooms and meet their new teachers and classmates!

Each classroom was ready, fresh and colourful with new toys, books, and classroom decorations to make every child feel happy to be in ISYC. The teachers had also lovingly and excellently crafted the bulletin boards to proudly display each classroom’s unique theme, which was the “habitat” of the classes that will be held there. Of course, every child was also excited to see the new and improved playground, which served as a reminder that at ISYC, each child has fun while learning!

The first day of classes was such an exciting and fruitful time. Indeed, it’s all systems go towards a great school year ahead!